Youth for Environmental Action

“I am passionate about social justice and I want to make sure that future generations have the same opportunities to be enriched in the outdoors as I have.”

–Youth for Environmental Action Leader

20/21 Leadership Team

Azucena - Watsonville High School

What matters to me currently is helping groups of people most affected by climate change and with advocating for people whose voices are constantly ignored. It is important to focus on advocating for climate justice but it is even more important to help those whose voices have been shut out in climate justice. If we want to reach our goals in climate change advocacy we must have diversity within because every human action is connected and will affect everyone eventually. We must fight against unjust systems!

Carolyn - Pacific Collegiate School

I am passionate about social justice; I want to make sure that future generations have the same opportunities to be enriched in the outdoors as I have. Through my work to encourage a more sustainable future, I hope to collaborate on solutions that incorporate diverse perspectives.

Emily - Ceiba College Preparatory Academy

My name is Emily, and I'm a junior at Ceiba College Preparatory. I joined Youth Environmental Action because I deeply care about the environment and our impact on it. Through this group, I hope to involve my school in projects that will bring awareness and solutions to this global crisis we are challenged with. Most importantly, I joined this group because of my love for the outdoors and all of the living things in it.

James - Scotts Valley High School

I have loved the outdoors and swimming since I was little and as of lately, I've wanted to be a marine biologist. I want to study the marine animals and ecosystems while standing up and protecting them including the vaquita, which is an endangered species that lives in the gulf of mexico. I hope to one day protect marine species just like them.

Image of Jesus Basulto

Jesus - Pajaro Valley High School

My life is important to me. I care about all of my friends, family, and the environment. I love to be outdoors in the fall because it’s not hot nor cold. I like being social and competitive.

Kalia - Harbor High School

What matter to me is having youth voice be part of big conversations that include youth. There are so many issues in today's day and age that affect youth, yet we as youth are excluded from these conversations. I am confident that youth have the abilities and tools to create systematic change within our communities. which can lead greater changes in today's society.

Leilani - Soquel High School

I am a student at Soquel High school and I’m passionate about art, dance, nature, and the environment. It is such a privilege to be a part of this team and work with like-minded individuals who care just as much as I do about the environment. I believe that together, our generation can restore the environment and I’m excited to see that through.

Lena - Pacific Collegiate School

My name is Lena Jones and I am a junior at Pacific Collegiate School. Now I know right now we're all living in unknown, unprecedented times and it's scary. But I know that with passionate, smart leaders we can fight for the planet and the people on it. Ultimately what matters to me most is understanding the land we live on, oceans we swim in and fighting for sustainability and equality together.

Madeleine - Santa Cruz High School

Living in harmony with nature instead of taking from it is a personal goal of mine. I think that preserving, protecting, and appreciating the planet and its creatures is not simply heroic. It's our duty to future generations so that they can enjoy this world the same way we do. Being a good ancestor matters a lot to me, and starting the process in my youth will make it so my time on earth counts for something positive.

Marlize - Cypress High School

My name is Marlize Velasco, and I’m a senior at Cypress High school. I’m taking A.P environmental science which is how I found out about the Santa Cruz County Youth Environmental Action group. Our environment is one of the most pressing issues that we should take into consideration. Especially the youth. The environmental summit creates an outlet for youth to develop ideas about sustainability. Sustainability to me is the first step for creating change through our community. My goal in the environmental summit is to educate the younger youth about sustainability. Education is the way to take action.

Natalie - Aptos High School

I've been an athlete my whole life and in doing so have done a lot of research in the nutrition aspect of sustainable living. I absolutely adore nature and its beauty, and want to preserve it. Right now I'm an athlete of Brazilian jiu-jitsu although I'm currently doing home training, and of bodybuilding which I train in the gym that's in my backyard. What matters to me the most is my religion and family they have both helped to instill my confidence, determination and compassion for others.

Nathan - Soquel High School

My name is Nathan Lapp. I have been naturally active for the majority of my life, from exploration and ecological observation to plant cultivation and foraging. Now that I am becoming more knowledgeable of the natural sciences in the world and of the sustainable practices that preserve their systems I have a growing desire to share and gain wisdom with people of similar interests. This ability to connect and spread information based on our experiences and research and the web of collective wisdom it creates is what I love. I think that the Youth for Environmental Action group is a wonderful outlet and platform for this to happen.

Rowyn - Alternative Family Education

In order for planet earth to sustain life, it is important that we reduce waste and use renewable energy in our everyday life. I believe we must implement these resources and learn to care for our planet. We must stop further damage from being done to earth before it is too late, and to keep our home beautiful, healthy and full of life for an equally beautiful future.

Sabine - Santa Cruz High School

The things that matter most to me in this world are things that I alone can not save. Our beautiful Earth and everything on it needs us to make a change! I am passionate about living sustainably and I enjoy spending time in nature. I am so excited to be a part of this team and can’t wait to see our impact!

Victoria - Ceiba College Preparatory Academy

I enjoy spending my time outdoors with my family and friends, which is why preserving our environment is very important to me. I want future generations to be able to enjoy the wonders of nature that we have been able to enjoy. It’s our duty to preserve our world and to learn more about it. My goal is to learn more the environment and teach others how to better their life styles to preserve the planet as well.

Vicente - Pajaro Valley High School