Youth for Environmental Action

“I am passionate about social justice and I want to make sure that future generations have the same opportunities to be enriched in the outdoors as I have.”

–Youth for Environmental Action Leader

21/22 Leadership Team

Avonlea - San Lorenzo Valley High School

My name is Avonlea Harwood and I'm a high school junior. I joined YEA because I am passionate about spreading awareness about climate change. I also wanted to become connected with other students sharing a similar goal. The best part of being involved in a group like this is seeing how quickly our plans can be put into action and watching progress being made.

Carolyn - Pacific Collegiate School

I am passionate about social justice; I want to make sure that future generations have the same opportunities to be enriched in the outdoors as I have. Through my work to encourage a more sustainable future, I hope to collaborate on solutions that incorporate diverse perspectives.

Emily - Ceiba College Preparatory Academy

My name is Emily, and I'm a senior at Ceiba College Preparatory. I joined Youth Environmental Action because I deeply care about the environment and our impact on it. Through this group, I hope to involve my school in projects that will bring awareness and solutions to this global crisis we are challenged with. Most importantly, I joined this group because of my love for the outdoors and all of the living things in it.

Emily - Kirby School

Kameryn - Soquel High School

Hey! I'm Kameryn Hawes and the environment is so far my biggest passion. My goal is to practice a sustainable lifestyle and I hope to spread the message to the people around me! Working together we can take the climate crisis head on and reverse most of the damage we have inflicted on our beloved Earth.

Kayla - Pacific Collegiate School

Lena - Pacific Collegiate School

My name is Lena Jones and I am a senior at Pacific Collegiate School. Now I know right now we're all living in unknown, unprecedented times and it's scary. But I know that with passionate, smart leaders we can fight for the planet and the people on it. Ultimately what matters to me most is understanding the land we live on, oceans we swim in and fighting for sustainability and equality together.

Mara - Santa Cruz High School

Hi! I'm a senior at Santa Cruz High school and love the natural world! I am planning to major in Biology/conservation studies with the hope to later become a Wildlife conservation biologist! Hiking, drawing, and writing are some of my favorite activities. And my all time favorite trees are oak and huge redwoods.

Shea - Harbor High School

I'm Shea a passionate conservationist, interested in the study and preservation of the natural world, I enjoy working with YEA because it provides a space where I feel comfortable working together with others who share similar passions as I do.

Victoria - Ceiba College Preparatory Academy

I enjoy spending my time outdoors with my family and friends, which is why preserving our environment is very important to me. I want future generations to be able to enjoy the wonders of nature that we have been able to enjoy. It’s our duty to preserve our world and to learn more about it. My goal is to learn more about the environment and teach others how to better their life styles to preserve the planet as well.

Zahir - Aptos High School