22/23 YEA Leadership Team

“I am passionate about social justice and I want to make sure that future generations have the same opportunities to be enriched in the outdoors as I have.” 

–Youth for Environmental Action Leader

Amelia - Santa Cruz High School

My name is Amelia, and I am a senior at Santa Cruz High School. I decided to join YEA because I recently have been working a job that allows me to spend a lot of time in the environment. Spending a lot of time out in the ocean led me to want to learn more about the environment, and how to better appreciate and take care of it. Because being outside has become important to me, I felt like I wanted to learn about how we can make nature more accessible to everyone. YEA felt like a good opportunity to do that, and meet other people who share the same interests!

Anna - Aptos High School 

Autumn - Aptos High School

Hi, my name is Autumn and I’m a senior at Aptos High. I joined the YEA because I wanted to further engage in the local environmental activist community and learn from others about how to be a good leader. I founded a climate change activism club at my school last year, and I hoped to get ideas about things that I could do with my club. I am very excited to work with others to make our school system more sustainable and make the world a better place!

Avonlea - Pacific Collegiate School 

My name is Avonlea and I'm a high school senior. I joined YEA because I am passionate about spreading awareness about climate change. I also wanted to become connected with other students sharing a similar goal. The best part of being involved in a group like this is seeing how quickly our plans can be put into action and watching progress being made. 

Caitlyn - Soquel High School

I plan to major in Environmental Engineering in my future, so I thought YEA would be a perfect opportunity to start working on environmental issues on a local level!

Carolyn - Pacific Collegiate School

I am passionate about social justice; I want to make sure that future generations have the same opportunities to be enriched in the outdoors as I have. Through my work to encourage a more sustainable future, I hope to collaborate on solutions that incorporate diverse perspectives. 

Chailyn - Watsonville High School

My name is Chailyn, I am a junior attending Watsonville High School. This is my first year with the group and I'm excited to see how it's like! I wanted to join since our community is surrounded with so much wildlife and I want to try and preserve as much of it as we can. I want to create as much action as possible. 

Diana - Ceiba College Preparatory Academy 

I joined YEA because I truly do love the outdoors and I love learning about the earth and what's happening with it. Yet, I haven't always been like this, I recently started to actually care more about the earth and the way we can help it recover. A plus about YEA is that I get to know other people who also want to learn more and share ideas.

Janelle - Pajaro Valley High School 

Kylie - Soquel High School 

Macy - Scotts Valley High School

Mariah - Mount Madonna School

My name is Mariah Cohen and I'm a senior at Mount Madonna School. I joined YEA because I love the outdoors and I want to do my part in creating a sustainable future. I enjoy working with other like-minded people who care about the planet and I am excited about a more environmentally-friendly future!

Morgan - Scotts Valley High School

I joined YEA to help create a positive impact on the environment in our community. I have witnessed first hand the lack of action being held in schools across the county. My main goal is to make recycling cans as accessible as trash cans on campus and promote the use of reusable items that are often found filling the trash cans at school. I am excited to work with such a diverse group of bright, young peers to make a change that most people overlook throughout their lifetime.

Naomi - Ceiba College Preparatory Academy 

Sophia - San Lorenzo Valley High School 

Hello, I my name is Sophia I am a junior at San Lorenzo Valley High! Environmentalism, sustainability, and the overall longevity and conservation of our planet has always been something I am extremely passionate about. I want to speak with like-minded people and make lasting change which is why I am so happy to be a part of YEA!

Sylvi - Aptos High School

Hey there! I’m Sylvi, and I have been on the support and leadership teams for YEA (Youth for Environmental Action). I joined this awesome association because I wanted to be able to do more for our planet with like-minded individuals. Shout out to my biology teacher for letting me know about this! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my time here, 2022 being my first year a part of this notable student body. It’s really cool to be part of such an important organization because it gives me a sense of deep rooted community and the hope for a cleaner, greener planet.

Taryn - San Lorenzo Valley High School

Tessa - Scotts Valley High School

Zahir - Aptos High School 

I'm Zahir and I'm a junior at Aptos High School. I enjoy traveling, learning about history and enjoy playing basketball. I plan to major in Political Science. I'm passionate about environmental justice and diversity, equity, and inclusion for all. I chose to join Youth for Environmental Action as I wanted to create an impact in the local community, as well as meet other individuals interested in environmentalism. My goal through YEA is to help educate and inform people locally about environmental issues and help create spaces for all to enjoy nature.