22/23 Support  Members

“I am passionate about social justice and I want to make sure that future generations have the same opportunities to be enriched in the outdoors as I have.” 

–Youth for Environmental Action Leader

Andi - Harbor High 

Andrew - Aptos High School 

Dylan - Scott's Valley High

Hi, my name is Dylan and I am a freshman at Scotts Valley High School. I love to do anything outdoors, especially, surfing, running, swimming, scuba diving, and hiking. I am an Eagle Scout and have an environmental organization called Planet Protectors geared towards kids in grades k-2 on how their small changes in everyday habits make a difference! I also started and ran the environmental club during my 8th grade year. I joined YEA to help educate my school on how they can help make a difference and protect our environment. 

Livia - Scott's Valley High

My name is Livia Johnston and I’m a senior at Scotts Valley High School. I enjoy cooking, playing tennis, and going to the beach in my freetime. I decided to join YEA because I am very passionate and concerned about anything that has to do with the environment and I want to do anything in my power to make a difference!

Riley - Scott's Valley High

Sylvi - Aptos High School

Hey there! I’m Sylvi, and I am on the support team for YEA (Youth for Environmental Action). I joined this awesome association because I wanted to be able to do more for our planet with like-minded individuals. Shout out to my biology teacher for letting me know about this! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my time here, 2022 being my first year a part of this notable student body. It’s really cool to be part of such an important organization because it gives me a sense of deep rooted community and the hope for a cleaner, greener planet.

Tucker - Soquel High 

Vivienne - Aptos High School 

My name is Vivienne and I am a senior at Aptos High. I have always been passionate about the environment since I moved to California,  and I want to study environmental science in college. I really enjoy being a part of YEA because there is such a community and we are able to make a difference for the environment in our county. I really enjoy getting to be a part of this organization and I can't wait to see what we're able to do!

Yahir - Pajaro Valley High